Splash Silkie


The Silkie named for its unique, silk like feathering, which is said to feel like silk has several other unusual qualities, dark blue flesh, blue earlobes, and five toes on each foot. The average chicken has only four toes. Silkies are very common in poultry shows, and come in many different colors.
Our Silkies are known for their calm, friendly temperament making them the ideal pet for children and their quality also makes them excellent show birds. Hens will often go broody and make good mothers. They are fair layers are commonly used to hatch eggs from other breeds and bird species. Silkies most likely originated in somewhere from Southeast Asia.
We carry the following colors....
  1. Black
  2. Lavendar
  3. Porcelon
  4. Splash
  5. Buff
  6. Buff Partridge
  7. White
  8. Blue 
  9. Isabel
White Showgirl


 The Showgirl named for its " Las Vegas Show girl appearance," I mean really don't you see the resemblance? What is it you may also ask? Well it is a cross between a Silkie and a Turken. It has all the Silkie characteristics and a naked neck of a Turken. This combination has taken on a new life of its own with lots of admirers of all ages and genres.This birds calm and friendly temperament like that of the silkie makes them the ideal pet for children.They are quite a sight to see making them a great conversation piece for passserbys and looky-loos. You either love them or you don't. Most of us love them, who can resist a fluffy pom pom on a bare neck? We have excellent quality Showgirls with the finest Silkie traits of our Silkies  combined with a completely bare naked neck. Maybe they should be re-named after the rock band Bare Necked Ladies.

We carry the following colors....

Buff Partridge
Except the lavender/splite, the rest of the colors runs together.
    Assorted colors of Showgirls