Guinea Fowl

Brown, Slate and Blue guinea Fowl

Folks in general keep Guineas for many different reasons.  They are very popular for control of the deer tick, wood ticks, grasshoppers, box elder bugs, flies crickets, grasshoppers and scorpions. They will also discourage rodents with their call and will kill and eat mice, other small mammals and various reptiles such as small snakes and frogs. Other people keep Guineas because they enjoy having them around.  They are very curious and interesting birds, having quite a personality.  Still others enjoy having the various colors, especially the new colors that are being developed. I currently raise the rarer colors brown, blue and slate colored guineas. Guineas are easy and fairly inexpensive to raise.  Once started, they fend for themselves, living on insects, seeds, and grasses.  I do throw them grains and treats. are excellent watch dogs and will alert you to anything unusual.