The APA's Standard of Perfection lists the Ameraucana under "All Other Breeds Class. "Ameraucanas are excellent layers of medium to large eggs. They are cold hardy and do well in winter. They cope well in confinement, but also do well on free range because they are curious birds. Ameraucanas will also mature early. Their calm personality makes them easily handled and ideal pets. They are a popular addition to backyard flocks. The Standard of Perfection states that Ameraucanas should weigh 5.5 to 6.5 pounds and that they are a general purpose bird bred for meat and eggs with a blue shell.  Americaunas have a pea comb, small, red earlobes, clean feet with four toes, and white skin with slate-blue colored shanks.They are a calm breed and are a good selection for children as pets and for 4-H clubs.
The highest honor our birds had won is Champion AOSB in Fancy Feathers Show 2010 in New Braunfels Texas.

Hatching eggs are $35 a dozen plus $15 for shipping w/USPS priority, we pack eggs in polyfoam, double box for security, cold/heat pack can be add for $1.50 extra.
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Beautiful Americauna eggs