Young Toulouse Goose

Toulouse Geese

 Admitted to the standard in 1874, The Toulouse Goose is a rather large bird weighing up to 26 pounds, and is in the heavy class of geese. The country of origin is France near the city of Toulouse.  The final breeding work before induction into the standard was done in England with a great number being exported to America and Canada.  This heavy breed which does well in confinement since their size restricts foraging. The Toulouse is great for meat, eggs and showing. They lay from 35 to 60 large white eggs per season. Eggs hatch in 28 - 34 days and can be hatched by the mother goose, in an incubator or by Muscovys.  Due to their size in comparison to their leg length they prefer real ponds or shallow edged trays. They have grey feathers that are laced with white, large brown eyes with a large square broad very deep and massive body with a prominent breast bone. We have big healthy specimens that will please any buyer.

American Buff and Toulouse Geese

American Buff Geese

 Admitted to the standard in 1947, The American Buff is a medium size goose weighing up to 18 pounds. They were developed in North America and is a descendant of the Greylag goose. It is a dual purpose bird used both for meat and egg production. They are mostly used by small farmers, and are known for their calm and docile disposition. The American Buff Goose is extremely rare poultry breed, and listed as critical on the conservation priority list of the American Livestock Breeds conservancy. This breed displays rich, buff-colored feathers with white lacing on the back and sides. The American Buff has 5 unique money earning qualities that are listed below.
  1. Large eggs that are good for scrambling and baking.
  2. Great tasting meat that is darker, richer, and more tender than turkey.
  3. They have Down Feathers that are valuable for making pillows and comforters.
  4. Organic Grass trimmers and weeders that can be used to weed a variety of crops and fertilize them at the same time thus enhancing crop production.
  5. And as income selling hatching eggs and goslings.